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E. Joe Holt, Ph. D. has returned to the therapy office which was his first love.  

Academic Experience:

From 2009 - 2013, he was the Academic Dean for Strayer University, Augusta, Georgia. He has been in that role for the past three years. During his tenure, he built a growing and vibrant campus with a growth of 17.5 per cent annually in enrollment and increased the number of on-ground classes. Operating income has grown from 1.5 million to over 6.2 million during those years. He has managed and delivered excellence in the educational and academic support programs at the campus level for over 800 students. He has organized, recruited, supervised, and directed a professional staff to insure quality curricula which were current and consistently delivered in an environment and manner conducive to learning in accordance with University's objectives. He was known to assure the students who were provided support services to maintain the highest level of student achievement and retention without compromising the integrity of the educational process. He planned and coordinated the department's activities with those of other departments to ensure success in all aspects of University operations

Therapeutic Experience:

In addition to his role in Academics, he is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC/SC) who is the clinical director of the Family Center. The Center has office in North Augusta, South Carolina. His private practice includes services to adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families. He has been in practice for the past 25 years with a specialty with children and families, including both Intact and Blended families.

Dr. Holt completed a Ph. D. in Counseling Psychology and Social Work at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Bachelors in Arts (B. A.) at Oklahoma Baptist University. He has done extensive postgraduate work at the University of Texas, University of South Carolina, Columbia College, Converse College and Augusta State University. He is currently finishing the requirements for the Masters in Science (Management).


He is currently teaching in the classroom and online at the following schools: Liberty Baptist University (Graduate School of Psychology), Troy University (Graduate School of Psychology), and Strayer University (Augusta, Georgia) (undergraduate psychology, sociology, philosophy, and humanities).

His professional training in psychotherapy includes Systemic Brief Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Addiction and Co-Dependency therapies, grief therapy, play therapy, and behavioral marital therapies. He has 25 years of experience in the mental health community within a variety of service modalities.  He has 15 years in the Forensic Examiners and Counselors.  He is provides services to the SC DJJ, SC Probation and Parole agencies and SC DSS. 

In addition to his practice and teachings, he is a frequent presenter to a variety of businesses, civic and professional groups throughout the Southern and Southwestern parts of the United States.

He has led numerous Marriage Enrichment retreats and Parenting seminars for churches, Department of Social Services (South Carolina), Department of Family and Children Services (Georgia), and private hospitals. His parenting seminars focus on a variety of family models (single parent, nuclear, intact, and blended families) and he has conducted these seminars for such client organizations as South Carolina Baptist Convention, Department of Social Services (South Carolina), Florida Baptist Convention (Families Ministries Division), Charter Hospital of Augusta, and the Georgia Association of Juvenile Court Personnel.

For the past several years, his work has expanded to include assessments of families in crisis and their children (Georgia/South Carolina) who would be in foster care at the time of the assessment. Dr. Holt has participated in the following training by Georgia DHR/Foster Care Division of DFCS along with the Bricklin Center for family and children's assessments. Our Center staff's goal of this effort is to determine how to reunify the family and what services are needed to facilitate this effort.

The final stage of this effort was the development of the support services to aid many of these families which have evolved into a nonprofit center, Southeastern Family Institute. The center is also coordinating a home-based approach to working with high-risk families.

Dr. Holt's professional memberships include the Approved Supervisor and Clinical Member status with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. He is also a clinical designation of being a licensed Supervisor of Licensed Professional Counselors (SC) and a Board Approved Supervisor of Marriage and Family Therapists (Georgia)

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